Vintage Skirt Suit

I've took out my vintage skirt suit from the wardrobe to fresh it up. It's from the 70's and it's still fits perfectly on me!  It has some flavors of Gucci, Prada and Marni's 2015 / 2016 collections, almost like straight of the runway :)
This wool skirt suit has A-line midi skirt. Its brown color and wool takes me back to the 70s, but in a more modern way. I'm wearing it with a black cap, turtleneck, knee boots and red lipstick. It could seems to has a lady style but it also on sex appeal ;) You may change it for a classic version with pants. 


Vintage skirt suit and Coat, Turtleneck from H&M,
Cap from Monki, Sunglasses from Triwa, Knee Boots from Rylko