7 Best Restaurants & Cafes in Bucharest

The historic wartime architecture in Bucharest upholds a modern, cosmopolitan vibe. Much of that growth is hidden in the city center. Below, I share my favorite places in Bucharest which you should visit. Seven locations to help you discover all of the newness this old city has to offer.

1. Alt Shift
This restaurant with industrial design and urban vibe was located within a short walking distance of my hotel, in the heart of Bucharest, very close to University Square. I love the Italian menu and Alt Shift has it. 
There’s a downstairs club called Control, which is one of the coolest nightclubs and concert venues in the city.
2. Energiea
This place is as a cultural hub where you can meet fashionista people.
3. Origo Coffee
Next to Energiea, just down the street is great cafe place. You can sit outside at one of the few wooden tables and watch the people pass by on a lazy weekend.
4. M60
One more cafe place in Bucharest with Scandinavian design and a nice atmosphere.
5. Frudisiac
A good place to go for breakfast, brunch and fresh pressed juices in Scandinavian design.
6. Stadio - Restaurant cu Atrium
A restaurant with Italian recipes and industrial decorating
7. Caru' cu Bere
This restaurant is famous for its traditional Romanian food. Plus to go there, they have a traditional dance show every weekend. The restaurant is in the old town.