13 Reasons To Love Cactus

I'm a cactus maniac. I have gone crazy with cactus plants. They're my new favorite indoor plant. Why are they the most popular flowers for me?

1. The beautiful plants are easy to keep
2. You can go for long holiday and they won't be gelous, crying or sad
3. From the 50s it's a popular plant in home furnishing as an accessorie and a design element
4. Is the key to creating a fresh, modern look for today's interior
5. Their unusual textures and organic shape give them the visual appearance of sculptures
6. They are happy, even when you closed them in a glass (cluster)
7. You don't have to fear about watering them
8. They look terrific as a stand alone plant or grouped together
9. They are filled with character and personality, they suit a variety of interior design styles from modern to rustic
10. They have funny hairstyles when displayed in handcrafted pots with faces
11. They're perfect for a Scandi style interior
12. Cactuses are forever your friends because they literally last for forever
13. They can protect your home with its spikes