Vintage Boho Dress

This is not a designer dress. It's an original long-sleeved maxi dress which is getting its luxury from that it is original vintage from the 70s.
I've had it for a long long time in my wardrobe. I always liked this dress and I'm happy now that I haven't thrown it away. It has really found a way back into my closet and my heart.

It's no secret that past year's trends are back. The 70s trend from the last seasons is coming this autumn. This season should be in line with the spirit of the 70s maxi hippie dress.

My dress isn't haute-couture, it has something different - I would call it "haute hippie" with the air of the best from a bohemian spirit.

FW15’s trends appeal to my personality. I am not only locked into one trend or style.
Fashion isn't boring. It gives us a lot of inspiration.